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The relationship between docks and boats can be rough.
It turns out docks and boats are the best of friends and the worst of friends. Without dock bumpers in the middle of them, the relationship between the dock and your boat would be rough to say the least. At Overton’s, we believe everyone should get along whether it’s fellow water enthusiasts or inanimate marine structures. To effectively dock your boat and keep the finish from becoming scratched or dented, boat dock bumpers and edging are the easiest way to keep the peace.

Protect your boat with dock bumpers.
Docking doesn’t have to be a chore. By preparing in advance and outfitting your dock with the necessary bumpers and dock edging, you’re saving yourself time and stress in the long run. Best-selling boat dock bumpers from popular brands like Dockmate, Dock Edge, and Taylor Made help make your choice easy. With materials ranging from heavy-duty vinyl, PVC, rubber, and foam in a variety of shapes and sizes, your dock will be stylish while your boat is safe and secure. See? The addition of bumpers between docks and boats ensures the relationship is smooth sailing.

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