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Explore the water like never before with a Yamaha Seascooter.
Whether you are new to diving or experienced with the world of snorkeling, having fun while your boat is anchored at the lake or the beach, or you’re simply looking for extra ways to enjoy the pool, rest assured you can take fun to new levels with the addition of a Seascooter. Overton’s now carries Yamaha Seascooters, often referred to as a water scooter or aqua scooter, to enhance your next adventure on and in the water.

Questions about Seascooters? We have answers!
Since Seascooters are becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that the hype surrounding them is building and questions are being asked. We’ve done our best to answer a few of the more common questions we’ve heard below, but as always if we’ve missed something or you have a question we didn’t cover, feel free to contact our customer service team.

• How does the Seascooter work?
The Seascooter runs off a battery (included) that powers the propeller. Holding onto the handles along the side of the Seascooter body, you can expect to cruise through the water at about 2mph.

• How often does the battery need to be charged?
The 12V battery should be charged every 2-3 months including during storage months. Leaving the battery uncharged during the off-season can shorten the lifespan. The battery typically reaches a full charge within 4-6 hours.

• How long does the battery stay charged?
The Seascooter can run up to an hour on a fully charged battery with normal use.

• How deep can you cruise underwater?
It’s rated for a depth of 65ft and is designed for both recreational divers and snorkeling enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Don’t forget to dress the part and capture the fun along the way.
Not only should you enjoy all the fun that comes along with using a Seascooter, but you should be properly equipped for the adventure. Browse our full selection of wetsuits and rash guards to ensure you look the part as well. Additionally, capture your underwater excursion with an underwater video camera to show all of your family and friends back home. Bonus points for sharing it on social media using #overtonsonthewater.