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Protect your boat with Mooring Whips

Are you looking for mooring options? Look no further.
When it comes to docking and mooring, Overton’s has everything needed to keep your boat safe and secure. From economy whips to ultimate whips, we have them in all sizes from popular brands like Dockmate and Taylor Made. With the spring action of our mooring whips, your boat will be held a safe distance from the dock when weather conditions are less than favorable. Think wind, think high wake, and rest assured knowing your boat is protected from Mother Nature’s mood swings with strong mooring arms and dock rope.

Mooring whips are a win/win. Trust us.
Don’t let your boat suffer from harsh marine climates. Get a head start on your next adventure by taking the necessary precautions to keep your boat safe when not in use. Potential rubbing and scratching between the dock and your boat can be prevented by investing in a strong set of mooring whips. Not only are whips an effective way of mooring your boat, but they’re also an attractive solution. Each whip is comprised of a solid, fiberglass rod that does not obstruct waterfront views. They’re also known as a win/win. See? We told you so.

Complete your mooring system with PermaFloat lift tanks, buoys, and more.
Browse our entire selection of mooring options including whips, PermaFloat lift tanks, buoys, and more. Find the right buoy to complete your mooring system with our full range of tapered, inflatable, traditional, or tube-through-center designs. While here, we have a variety of other buoys for uses beyond mooring, too! From regulatory buoys with warning labels to slalom ski buoys, find it all in one place – right here at Overton’s.

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