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Repair, Maintenance & Hardware

A clean boat is a happy boat.
Keep your boat looking its best with our selection of boat cleaning supplies. We want your boat to get all the attention it deserves while on the water. Be honest, so do you. It s okay, we understand. Keep your seats and upholstery looking new with our vinyl cleaner and your paint crisp with our antifouling, bottom, and topside paints and finishes. Restore the fiberglass and gelcoat with our repair kits and replace any worn hardware while you re at it.

Overton's has everything you need to take the first step in flooring repair.
Whether you're looking to rejuvenate your current flooring or replace it entirely, we have all the necessary tools needed to achieve the best flooring your boat has ever had. From marine carpet to vinyl boat flooring, our top of the line marine grade flooring materials are available to take your boat to the next level. Choose a carpet adhesive or vinyl floor adhesive to ensure your flooring is installed correctly and securely. Take the first step with us.