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Hold it down with an anchor from Overton’s.
When you need something to hold you down, to have your back on the water, nothing else compares to a reliable anchor. Regardless of the type of boat you have, having an anchor onboard is quite possibly the single most important piece of safety gear to check off your list. Whether you’re throwing an anchor overboard in case of an emergency or you want to pause your adventure for a moment of jig fishing or you’re dropping it to keep your boat still and secure against the current and wind, it’s better to have one near that you can trust than to not have one at all.

Why choose when you could have one of each?
At Overton’s, we offer a wide range of anchors from a mushroom anchor to a river anchor, a jet ski anchor to a fluke anchor plus everything in between including a stick anchor and other shallow water anchors. Which one should you choose? It’s a question we get quite often and, to be honest, you should choose more than one type. Since we don’t always know what the bottom is made of under the water, it could be rock or sand or mud or something else entirely, having more than one option when it comes time to drop anchor ensures you’re always prepared. Another question we get a lot is how big of an anchor should you have? Generally, bigger is always better when it comes to an anchor. No one wants to throw an anchor over only to have the boat drag it. After all, an anchor has one job!

Complete your anchoring system today.
Along the same thought of having an anchor that’s big enough and heavy enough to keep your boat from moving, it’s important to remember you’ll have to pull that anchor up at some point. Luckily, the task is easier with the help of a windlass. Always make an effort to complete your anchoring system with the rode (rope, chain, or a combination of the two), a storage solution (an anchor bag or bow roller), and a windlass (manual or electric) that ensures retrieving your anchor doesn’t break your back. Similarly, our low prices won’t break the bank. Browse our full selection of anchors and rest assured knowing Overton’s has all of your water needs covered.