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Dive Boots

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Suit up, head to toe, for your next diving or snorkeling adventure.
Designed to be worn with adjustable fins, dive boots provide warmth and comfort as well as protection during your snorkeling adventures. The perfect complement to your neoprene wetsuit, dive boots or scuba boots are the finishing touch every scuba diver needs to ensure they are as prepared as possible for the world under the water. At Overton’s, we want every dive you take to rank among the best which is why we offer neoprene diving shoes in both high top and low cut designs to ensure you have an option catered to your personal preference.

Construction. Comfort. Care. Easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Scuba boots are constructed from neoprene polychloroprene, which is a synthetic rubber material commonly used for wetsuits. The low top boots start below the ankle while the high top versions cover the ankle entirely. Selections range in thickness from 2 mm to 7 mm and all of our diving shoes remain comfortable even in the most harsh marine conditions.

2. Whether you’re walking on an uneven boardwalk or scalding hot rocky sand before entering the water, our dive boots protect your feet from the unfriendly terrain. Pulling on the boots is as simple as zipping them up or pull the elastic top closed allowing you to put them on quickly and conveniently every time. Plus, open-heel fins can destroy your bare feet if used without the proper boots underneath. Using diving shoes or dive socks will prevent your toes and heels from rubbing against the hard interior of the fin cup. Avoid blisters and chafing easily by sliding your foot into a pair of dive boots before pulling your fins on.

3. After your diving or snorkeling excursion, simply care for you boots exactly as you do your neoprene drysuit or wetsuit. Rinse your scuba boots in fresh water as salt water can eventually cause neoprene to lose the flexibility its known for. Inspect for any potential damage and store them properly without folding or creasing them.

Scuba boots are sized similarly to regular shoes.
Find your size by starting with the size you typically wear in your everyday shoes. Dive shoes aren’t sold in half sizes so round up, if necessary, and keep in mind they’re listed in men’s sizes. As always, if you have questions feel free to reach out to our team of technical representatives who are available to help you choose the best diving shoes for your next adventure.