Off-Season Maintenance

You’ve heard it before: work hard, play harder. Much like boating, it’s a way of life, but now that summer is coming to an end so is that infamous playtime everyone looks forward to. As a result, the pendulum swings back to the work side of things. But! The work doesn’t have to be hard. Off season maintenance is easier than ever before, here are a few tips to help.

Clean Inside and Out

When pulling your boat out of the water for the season, it’s the perfect time to clean inside and out before putting it away for storage. Thoroughly clean drawers and cabinets, upholstery and fiberglass using our vast selection of hull cleaners and fabric/vinyl cleansers. While cleaning, it’s the perfect time to inspect your boat for any damages. Early detection and repairing sooner than later can save you money in the off season and valuable time on the water when the weather warms back up. Minor scratches, scuffs, and gelcoat blistering can be taken care of with our range of Pettit paints, MAS epoxies, and various painting and sanding tools.

Inspect Engine and Change Oil

Easily the lifeline of your boat, the engine should be inspected and any maintenance needs addressed as soon as possible. Flush the engine to get a head start on the winterizing process and change the oil. While taking care of the inner workings of your boat, now is the perfect time to assess the state of your gears, adding gear lube where necessary, and looking at spark plugs replacing any that show excessive signs of wear and tear. Change the transmission fluid and top off other liquids crucial to a successful season that start to run low towards the end.

Prepare for Storage and Winterizing

As the weather starts to dip into lower temperatures, start preparing your boat for storage. Remove items like tackle and gear and batteries from the boat, if not in use, to save yourself the trouble of having to do it later. Prioritize and plan out your storage solution whether it’s a custom cover or shrink wrap, have an idea and explore options before time slips away. Grab all winterizing necessities now to prepare for those icy conditions before they arrive. You’ll be glad you did once you start tackling that winterizing to-do list. Taking care of your boat during the off season makes for a better season on the water when the tide rolls around again.