Life Jacket / Life Vest Information Guide

For all types of boaters and during all seasons of the year, a life jacket is the single most important piece of equipment. The PFD (Personal Flotation Device) is available in multiple forms, styles, and colors, and many are specifically manufactured for certain activities. But they all are designed with one purpose in mind – to save your life in the case of a boating emergency.

When Do Life Jackets Save Lives?

When Do Life Jackets Save Lives?
  • Capsized or sinking boats in heavy sea conditions
  • Overboard passengers after a collision
  • Inability to swim because of heavy clothing or gear
  • Injuries from rocks or other submerged object
  • Lack of consciousness in the water from carbon monoxide fumes
  • Extreme fatigue after water activities

Whether you’re fishing, cruising, or recreational boating, there must be a life jacket in good condition and appropriately sized for every passenger onboard. These life vests need to be readily accessible so they can be put on in a reasonable amount of time, should the need arise. In most areas, children must wear a US Coast Guard approved vest while any vessel is underway, but each state has its own regulations regarding life jacket policies. And since such policies are frequently modified, boaters should check with local authorities to ensure their vessel is properly equipped with safety PFDs.

At Overton’s, we understand how important it is for your fun-filled boat adventures to stay safe. That’s why we’ve compiled this vest information so you’re better able to select the best life jackets for all your friends and family. Happy boating!