Bass Fishing Tips

All fishermen want them, bragging rights. They’re given to anyone who catches the biggest, best fish of the day (or season) and everyone with a rod and reel wants access to those rights. We can help! There’s been an increase in popularity concerning bass fishing and our tips could help you catch the fish you’ve been waiting for.

Persistence & Patience

It’s important to remain cognizant of the weather and the effect it has on the behavior of bass. By adapting to their patterns, you’re giving yourself an advantage. Bass tend to eat more in shallow water during the warmer months. Since they’re cold-blooded, they burn more energy in warm water requiring them to eat more. As a result, they’re more likely to bite. While bass still eat during cooler months, they tend to eat less and do so in deeper water. It’s entirely possible to catch a bass regardless of the weather, but it’s more likely if you adjust your technique and bait choices to accommodate their behavior.

Bass are picky and unforgiving when it comes to their diet habits. Make a point to notice the type of forage the bass in your local waters are feeding on then match your bait accordingly. If you see the bass eating shad, throw in a silver colored lure. If the natural forage in the area seems to be crawfish, opt for a red or orange colored lure to increase the probability of a bite.

While nothing beats the feeling of a tug at the end of your line, it’s imperative to master a few things before getting on the water. Losing that bass as a result of a poorly tied knot is a lesson learned the hard way. Make an effort to perfect your knot-tying skills until they become second nature. A few simple knots to learn are the Palomar and Clinch knots that lend themselves to nearly every technique. Sharpen your hooks. Don’t risk the chance of a bass stealing your bait and swimming away because of a dull hook. Practice can be the difference of casting a perfect line or disturbing the area and scaring the bass away. Throw a few lines in your backyard; challenge yourself by trying to cast a lure into a bucket to increase precision.

Don’t let a windy day discourage your bass fishing efforts. Sometimes the wind can become your friend. Cast your bait into the wind as the bass are often stimulated by the water’s rippling surface. It may require a bit more patience as fishing against the wind can be a challenge, but once the bass start biting the reward makes it worthwhile.

Above all else, remain persistent and patient when fishing for bass. There will be times when the bites are few and far between, but find an area you’re comfortable fishing in where bass are present and rest assured they’ll bite. Following the tips above could have you reeling those bass in sooner than you think.

Fish Against The Wind
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