Connelly Voodoo Wakesurfer

ITEM: 352169

Connelly Voodoo Wakesurfer

ITEM: 352169
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    • Pure surf-style board is fast and maneuverable

    • More surface area for supporting bigger riders

    • Lightweight Epoxy construction with EPS core

    • EVA pad provides sure traction

    If you like a pure surf-style board that is fast and maneuverable, then the Connelly Voodoo is for you. A wide tip and tail increases the total surface area of the board which allows it to support bigger riders. This also takes some curve out of the rail and creates a fast, but stable feel. The Voodoo can hang way back on a wave and is reactive enough to boost forward on command. Epoxy construction includes an EPS foam core with 5mm stringer. Board comes with twin FCS II side carver 3.9" fins.

    Epoxy Construction: This age-old surfboard construction is extremely lightweight, buoyant, responsive, and popular among surfers. It's used on almost all shapes of boards.

    Twin Fins: With no center fin, there's less resistance through the middle of the board. This allows you to generate more speed. Plus, with just one fin per rail, this style is looser than a quad or tri-setup, so it's easy to break free on a slash, but grippy enough on the bottom turn.

    2-Piece Grip-Lite EVA Pad: Less pad means a lighter surfer. Strategically placed EVA pad is positioned where you need traction most. Perforations in the pad let your feet sink extra deep for more grip and response.

    Voodoo 45:
    Center width: 20.6"
    Volume: 13.2 liters
    Rocker height: 2.7"/0.2"
    For riders up to 180 lbs.

    Voodoo 410:
    Center width: 21"
    Volume: 14.7 liters
    Rocker height: 2.9"/0.3"
    For riders up to 200 lbs.

    Voodoo 51:
    Center width: 21.3"
    Volume: 15.5 liters
    Rocker height: 2.9"/0.3"
    For riders over 180 lbs.