New Expanded Life Vest & PFD Selection
New Expanded Life Vest & PFD Selection

Horns & Whistles Starting At $3.99

Horns & Whistles Starting At $3.99
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Best Selling EPIRBs & PLBs Starting At $254.99

Best Selling EPIRBs & PLBs Starting At $254.99
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Flares Starting At $9.99

Flares Starting At $9.99
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Safety first! Never last.

The key to any successful adventure is safety. Never leave the dock without running a mental checklist of items necessary to facilitate a safe, enjoyable time on the water. From a reliable boat horn to boat flares, a boat safety kit to well-stocked first aid kits, safety should always be a priority. Grab a marine horn or a marine flare gun and store them in an easy to access area of the boat in case of an emergency. It s better to have signal devices and not need them than the other way around.

Invest in the future with a boat safety kit.

Stock up on life jackets for every person onboard. While on the water, everyone should be wearing their designated life jacket at all times. Keep throw cushions and throw rings in an area where you can reach for them quickly in the event you need them. Replace fire extinguishers once expired and keep detectors current. Invest in future adventures by taking time to ensure the one you re on today is safe.

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