Zodiac Cadet 310 Aluminum Tender

ITEM: 332767

Zodiac Cadet 310 Aluminum Tender

ITEM: 332767
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NON-MEMBER $1,479.99
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    • Compact, easy to stow in a cockpit locker

    • High-performance aluminum floor

    • Aluminum engine mounting plate

    • Quick-release removable thwart

    • Aluminum oars, carrying bag, and foot pump

    Compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker, the Cadet Tender features a progressive-diameter buoyancy-tube for improved stability. The Cadet offers an outstanding lifespan and guarantees a high level of safety. Made of thermobonded PVC. The hull includes removable slats, aluminum engine mounting plate, and one internally operated bail. The buoyancy tube is designed with easy push valves, handrail, two oar rests, two swivel oarlocks, all-round ribbed rubbing strip, bow handle, two stainless steel tow rings, and cone reinforcers. Comes standard with quick-release removable thwart; reinforced aluminum oars, oarlock, and locking ring; Modulo carrying bag; foot pump; and repair kit.

    Cadet Aluminum
    High-performance aluminum floor and inflatable keel enable this tender to plane rapidly and improve maneuverability.

    • Removable slats
    • Aluminum engine mounting plate
    • One internally operated bail

    Buoyancy Tube
    • Strongan fabric
    • Easy push valves
    • Handrail
    • Two oar rests
    • Two "Safe Clic" swivel oarlocks
    • All-round ribbed rubbing strip
    • Bow handle
    • Two stainless steel tow rings
    • Cone reinforcers

    • PVC thermobonded

    Standard Equipment
    • "Quick release" removable thwart
    • Reinforced aluminum oars plus oarlock and locking ring
    • "Modulo" carrying bag
    • Foot pump
    • Repair Kit
    • Owner's manual

    Cadet 310 Aluminum Specifications
    Overall Dimensions: 10'2"L x 5'1"W
    Inside Dimensions: 7'3"L x 2'3"W
    Buoyancy Tube Diameter: 1'5"
    Passengers: 5
    Maximum Payload: 1,323 lbs.
    Total Weight: 88 lbs.
    Airtight Compartments: 3+1
    Outboard Shaft: Short
    Maximum Outboard Power: 15 hp
    Maximum Weight of Outboard: 121 lbs.
    Dimensions of Folded Boat: 3'5"L x 2'1"W x 1'2"H