Ronix Top Notch Wakeboard With Cocktail Bindings

ITEM: 335019

Ronix Top Notch Wakeboard With Cocktail Bindings

ITEM: 335019
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$489.97 $649.99
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  • 100% wood construction for all-over flex

  • Super clean bottom design

  • Provides a loose, skate-like feel

  • Layup lets riders really exaggerate a press

The Top Notch is for those riders who want the entire wakeboard to flex. Constructed from 100% wood for park riding, this board features all-over flex, a super clean bottom design, and a spoonful of added rocker. For high-end cable riders, the Top Notch is a must in any quiver as an alternative board with its loose, skate-like, free feeling on the water. The board is also the perfect choice for any level rider who just doesn't want the locked-in feel of a Kinetik or the added boost of a Highlife. Every cable lap on the Top Notch will feel so different than on a traditional board and offer the freedom to break loose or really exaggerate a press from the soft tip-to-tail layup and thin profile.

Monocoque Construction: Integrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one creates a more durable board on side impacts, thus preventing delamination.

Continuous Rocker: An earlier arc with a mellower degree will have a smoother, more consistent glide up the wake. Riders carry more speed up the transition and land tricks further out into the flats.

Speedwalls: Vertically poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menaces at a cable park. These rails ride higher on the water and alleviate strain on your body.

Sintered Base: The most durable non-stick base material that's designed to increase glide speed on the water. Formulated from a powder by heating the material to temperatures where the particles bonded together. This higher purity compound preserves its bond over time.

Cocktail Bindings: A closed-toe concoction, the Cocktail boots are built to quench your wakeboarding thirsts. Want that classic Ronix fit but don't feel like spending those extra bucks on the heat-moldable liners or Brainframe technology? The Cocktail is Ronix's most affordable closed-toe boot. These bindings are preferred by former World Champion Erik Ruck and the Ronix cable team. Made with the same high memory foam you would find in the District boot, cut at a lower height, and offering unreal fit and improved communication between rider and board.

Top Notch 133:
• Length: 52.4"
• Width: 16.7"
• Total Surface Area: 762"
• Rocker Height: 2.7"
• Stance Options: 19" - 25"
• Rider Weight: up to 175 lbs.

Top Notch 138:
• Length: 54.3"
• Width: 16.9"
• Total Surface Area: 810"
• Rocker Height: 2.9"
• Stance Options: 20" - 26"
• Rider Weight: up to 185 lbs.

Top Notch 143:
• Length: 56.3"
• Width: 17.1"
• Total Surface Area: 844"
• Rocker Height: 3.0"
• Stance Options: 21" - 27"
• Rider Weight: over 160 lbs.

Top Notch 148:
• Length: 58.3"
• Width: 17.3"
• Total Surface Area: 879"
• Rocker Height: 3.2"
• Stance Options: 22" - 28"
• Rider Weight: over 175 lbs.