Ronix Koal Lunatic Wakesurfer

ITEM: 352120

Ronix Koal Lunatic Wakesurfer

ITEM: 352120
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  • Thick wakesurf board offers unpredictable ride

  • Rides higher on the water with minimal friction

  • Provides incredible breakaway speed

  • Rail design enhances acceleration ability

The Koal Lunatic is Ronix'x thickest-profiled wakesurfer that rides insanely high on the water with more top water speed than any surfer out there. Th higher elevation from the waterline results in minimal friction. This amount of breakaway speed sometimes means this board has a mind of its own. Why would you want a somewhat uncontrollable surfer? This means no turns are the same, predictability is a word never used, and mid-session, you'll find yourself wondering what exciting thing is going to happen next.

Technora Shell: Shell is wrapped in a woven stringer laminate to create a more reactive overall surfboard than a traditional fiberglass construction. A blend between the classic Koal construction and the ultra responsive Hex Shell.

Wildride Thickness: The thickest profile from Ronix. This makes the board ride higher on the water with more forward momentum than other surfers. Because it's so high, it sometimes lacks predictability – hence the name "Wildride".

Blended Rail: Rail accelerates turns and blends them with a Sunday afternoon cruise design.

Koal Lunatic 43:
Center width: 20.8"
Rocker height: 1.7" nose/0.2" tail
Volume: 1281"

Koal Lunatic 48:
Center width: 21"
Rocker height: 1.9" nose/0.2" tail
Volume: 1563"

Koal Lunatic 51:
Center width: 21.2"
Rocker height: 2.0" nose/0.2" tail
Volume: 1812"