Ronix Frank Wakeboard Bindings

ITEM: 300975

Ronix Frank Wakeboard Bindings

ITEM: 300975
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$359.97 $399.99
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  • Brainframe technology increases responsiveness

  • Flexible and supportive orthotic liner

  • Built-in J-bars increase heel hold

  • Mag Lock beams reduce overall weight

Made with a similar heat-formed, custom orthotic fit found in the rest of Ronix's high-end line, the Frank wakeboard boots feature a medium-soft density liner that's both flexible and supportive. Brainframe technology includes groundbreaking hardware platform that delivers instant response. Mag Lock beams with Magnesium keep the boot strong, yet lightweight. Built-in J-bars improve heel hold. Articulating cuff allows the Frank bindings to flex with the rider without boot distortion. Easily customize your fit with Quick Snap Lace handles. Sold as a pair.

Brainframe Technology: Groundbreaking hardware platform delivers instant response and redefines high-end boots.
• Binding skeleton adapts to the shape of the foot and lower leg for an unfiltered line of communication between rider and board. This secures the foot from the bottom up for a more uniform fit and flex in the upper.
• Instant energy transfer from the laces into the board inserts means less rider fatigue.
• More accurate lasting than traditional boot forming methods.
• Accentuated heel pocket improves heel lock and expands around the rider's foot/leg.
• Centers foot over the top of the baseplate and features solid medial/lateral lower foot support for those big landings.
• Limits distortion in the upper and reduces breakdown over time.
• Eliminates much of the stitching and lamination processes needed for traditional boot construction.

Mag Lock Beams: Utilizing Magnesium with its amazing strength-to-weight ratio reduces the board's overall weight by 30%. Also creates more heel and toe response with a U-shaped structure that runs parallel to your foot. As load increases on the upper, these beams promote more interlock between the board's skeleton and baseplate.

Quick Snap Lace Handles: These parts offer an easy and solid tether to the boot and are easily interchanged for service.