Ronix Blender Hex Shell Wakesurfer

ITEM: 352114

Ronix Blender Hex Shell Wakesurfer

ITEM: 352114
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  • Blends several popular Ronix features

  • Provides stability like a longboard

  • Sharper edge for quick-reacting edge response

  • Designed with Ronix's most responsive construction

The Blender combines several ingredients of Ronix's most popular models. Do you want the stability of a longboard, the added boost off the lip from a Powertail, and the sharpest rail for the strongest edge hold available? Overall the Blender rides similar to a Powertail, but it comes with a sharper edge for a quicker-reacting edge response. A shape that will really hook up on the rail when you want it to, yet has more surface area for that toes-on-the-nose stability, a super wide tail platform for effortless airs, and the most responsive construction.

Hex Shell: One of the most responsive constructions in the Ronix lineup. Pressed out of a mold and then wrapped in core matte to provide a stiff layup from tip to tail and rail to rail.

Standard Thickness: This thickness is for a rider who just wants the classic feel of a traditional cross-section. It has greater feel for the water than thicker counterparts but also offers more top water speed than a skimmer.

Hard Rail: A hard rail allows high speed carves for riders who like to bury the rail.

Blender Hex Shell 42:
Center width: 20.9"
Rocker height: 1.9" nose/0.2" tail
Volume: 734"

Blender Hex Shell 47:
Center width: 21"
Rocker height: 2.1" nose/0.2" tail
Volume: 893"

Blender Hex Shell 51:
Center width: 21.1"
Rocker height: 2.4" nose/0.2" tail
Volume: 1106"