Radar Lithium Vapor Slalom Waterski

ITEM: 352092

Radar Lithium Vapor Slalom Waterski

ITEM: 352092
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  • Radar's flagship slalom waterski

  • Carries more speed into turns

  • Rounder bevels allow ski to roll on edge easily

  • Modified rocker keeps ski level during passes

Chris Rossi set out to recreate the Radar flagship ski with one goal in mind. He wanted to design a ski that carried more speed and generated better angle than anything on the market. Rounder bevels allow this Vapor ski to roll edge to edge quicker, ultimately sending you earlier into the buoy than ever before. The concave gives the ski more support in the turn and yields tight, powerful turns that seem automatic. The final piece was a modified rocker profile which moves the contact point closer to your feet and makes the ski stay level throughout the entire pass. This increases speed behind the boat and allows you to carry the speed through the turn.

PVC Core: The Vapor shape with a PVC Core. The PVC core has stood the test of time and is proven as a high-quality core material that creates energy in the body of the ski. Reaction time of a Lithium construction is instant.

Shape: More width through the tail makes the ski sit more level and allows speed to be carried more consistently. The area directly under your front foot has an increased taper, which lets the ski move through the finish of the turn easier and allows the tip height to stay constant, ultimately increasing efficiency. The wide spot of the ski has been moved forward, which gives you the ability to stand over your front foot with confidence.

Rocker: Rocker defines the pivot point on a ski, and the contact point of the Vapor is closer to the ball of your front foot, which helps the ski pivot easier. The tight radius, quick turns are then balanced with tail rocker lines that add support off the buoy. An updated tip rocker gives more height and helps the finish of the turn happen more quickly and with more stability.

Concave: Added concave depth gives the ski more lifting properties which translates into support for the skier. Due to the increase in concave depth and added mass in the middle of the ski, Radar removed the step found in the previous version of the Vapor. Removal of the step puts more pressure on the bevels of the ski and gives the ski the ability to roll on edge easier and provides more tip pull from apex to turn completion.

Bevels: A rounder bevel allows the Vapor to roll edge to edge more smoothly, provides the skier more ability to increase edge angle, and allows smoother, more dynamic turns. The bevels have increased contact with the water, which allow the ski to decelerate into the turn and allow the skier to have a tight line at apex.

CorFlex: The addition of corrugated contours through the tip of the ski allows it to flex when loaded at the finish of the turn. The ski is able to flex more with the same amount of carbon in the layup. By keeping the same amount of carbon, more energy can be created through the loading and unloading process in the turn. The ski is easier to turn, quicker to accelerate, and creates space more efficiently before the buoy.

Lithium Vapor 64:
Maximum Width: 6.7"
Suggested Speed: 36 MPH
For skiers 85 - 120 lbs.

Lithium Vapor 65:
Maximum Width: 6.7"
Suggested Speed: 36 MPH
For skiers 110 - 145 lbs.

Lithium Vapor 66:
Maximum Width: 6.8"
Suggested Speed: 36 MPH
For skiers 125 - 180 lbs.

Lithium Vapor 67:
Maximum Width: 6.9"
Suggested Speed: 36 MPH
For skiers 160 - 200 lbs.

Lithium Vapor 68:
Maximum Width: 7.0"
Suggested Speed: 36 MPH
For skiers 180 - 220 lbs.

Lithium Vapor 69:
Maximum Width: 7.2"
Suggested Speed: 36 MPH
For skiers over 200 lbs.