OBrien Censor Carbon Wakesurfer

ITEM: 308942

OBrien Censor Carbon Wakesurfer

ITEM: 308942
$594.99 $699.99
$594.99 $699.99
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  • Skim-style surfer board

  • Offers more push and drive

  • 100% carbon fiber layup

  • Lightweight construction

Designed specifically for young phenom Hunter Sims, the Censor board takes the skim-style surfer to new heights. The Censor offers more push and drive as well as a reduced swing weight. The 100% carbon fiber layup means the board is lightweight, and extra width throughout keeps it stable. Hand-shaped epoxy surfboard construction gives the board super buoyancy and makes it more responsive behind the boat.

Censor 50
Center width: 19.85"
Volume: 10.81 liters
For riders up to 150 lbs.

Censor 55
Center width: 20.6
Volume: 13.13 liters
For 110-190 lb. riders

Censor 60
Center width: 21"
Volume: 14.6 liters
For 140-220 lb. riders