Minn Kota 10 Talon Shallow Water Anchor

ITEM: 307774

Minn Kota 10 Talon Shallow Water Anchor

ITEM: 307774
NON-MEMBER $1,849.99
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NON-MEMBER $1,849.99
GOOD SAM CLUB $1,757.49
Compare at $1,899.99
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  • Powerful motor that runs quietly

  • Deploys quickly and automatically

  • Locks into your spot with unparalled strength

  • Easy to install, maintain, and control

The Talon is completely redesigned with a motor that's 30% more powerful, 30% quieter, and 100% guaranteed to be the last shallow water anchor you'll ever need. The faster you lock into your spot, the sooner you can get your line back in the water. That's why Minn Kota built a shallow water anchor that deploys quicker and holds stronger.

Talon deploys quickly and automatically so you can get your line in the water faster.
• Fast Deploy - Head-to-head, the spike deploys faster than the competition, so you can get into position quickly.
• Multi-Stage Deployment - Anchor deploys in three stages, giving you additional anchoring depth without increasing the height of the Talon.

With user-selectable anchoring modes, you can choose the right amount of force for each situation, guaranteeing a secure hold and easy anchor retraction.
• 2x Anchoring Force - Talon is built with double the force of the competition to lock you into your spot with unparalleled strength and security.
• Built-In Wave Absorption - Allows your boat to move up or down without affecting the anchor. It uses a built-in floating suspension to keep you locked to the bottom, even in rough water conditions.

Even with an arsenal of innovative features, Talon is designed to run quietly.
• Simple Design - Built with minimal moving parts and no hinge points, Talon starts quiet and stays quiet.
• Noise Dissipation - The innovative design keeps Talon silent below the water, so fish can't hear it coming.

Easy Installation
Talon is easier and less costly to install, maintain, and control.
• Innovative Design - Space-saving, lightweight design makes it as easy to install as a trolling motor, with no messy, complicated hydraulic pumps or hoses.
• Versatile Adjustments - A quick-release bracket enables Talon to adjust up and down, pivot up to 30° to fit any transom, or be easily removed when not in use.

Size 10'