Liquid Force Tao Wakeskate

ITEM: 351816

Liquid Force Tao Wakeskate

ITEM: 351816
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  • Wakeskate is designed for the utmost in durability

  • 100% Paulownia wood core for consistent pop

  • Grind base and liquid rails increase strength

  • Progressive 3-stage rocker releases quickly

Liquid Force's Tao skate was built for Daniel Grant, and is designed to be the most bombproof wakeskate on the market. Whether you are hitting a dock, ledge, kicker, rails, or just the wake, the Tao was designed to conquer it all. The board's hybrid construction features a 100% Paulownia wood core for consistent and lively pop, Liquid Rails, and the exclusive Sintered Grind Base to ensure it stands up to whatever Daniel and other riders decide to hit. The Tao offers a progressive 3-stage rocker and single concave belly for quick release off the water.

Grind Base: Get the strongest base possible while maintaining the performance features of each finely tuned hull shape. Liquid Force's Grind base molds to the board's contours and provides solid protection all season long.

Wood Core: Keeps the board loose on the water and responsive on rails. It's designed to provide great response and the added flex to pop off kickers.

Liquid Rails: Rail sidewall technology that provides unmatched durability for rail-riding boards.

Three-Stage Rocker: Flatter center curve for speed and rail control. This transitions to an exaggerated exit angle through the tip to give a bucking pop off the wake.

Tao 39:
Center width: 16"
Rocker height: 1.9"
For riders up to 170 lbs.

Tao 41:
Center width: 16.1"
Rocker height: 2.1"
For riders over 150 lbs.