Liquid Force Next Wakeboard With Lite 4D Bindings

ITEM: 309850

Liquid Force Next Wakeboard With Lite 4D Bindings

ITEM: 309850
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NON-MEMBER $789.99
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  • Fast wakeboard with fiery pop

  • Thinner design with lighter weight

  • Vector Net weave increases torsional strength

  • Aggressive 3-stage rocker for amazing pop

The Next is a fast wakeboard that's best known for its fiery pop and responsiveness. Utilizing Liquid Force's new Flextrack technology, the board provides a flexible track that moves with you as you twist into carves and press into rails, creating an unmatched connection between you and the board. Next features innovative Ash Veneer/PU core that removes weight yet keeps the board extra lively. The Vector Net weave adds a layer of unmatched torsional strength which allows the rider to stay firmly in control. Quad blades for that sharp, aggressive bite. Pro glass layup for strength and reduced weight. Three-stage rocker exaggerates the exit angle off the wake to give you explosive pop.

FlexTrack Technology
FlexTrack technology from Liquid Force lets your wakeboard's track actually move with you as you twist into carves and press onto rails, ultimately creating maximum response! Nothing you've ridden before can compare to this board-rider connection.

• Stance Registration: Each letter in the FlexTrack name marks your stance registration.

• Durability: The most flexible track in the industry is made out of high-quality plastics that ensure a durable fit ride after ride.

• Molded Microteeth: Provide an ultra tight, non-slip binding-to-board interface giving you supreme micro-adjustability.

Why Should You Choose FlexTrack?
This FlexTrack paired with LF's 4D binding is one of the best advances that will help you expand and push the limits on new tricks that may have previously been impossible. You'll be amazed at how deeply you can press any board and then how quickly the flex will rebound back and spring you into action.

Does Your Old Stance/Old Binding Style Translate?
Yes, your old stance will easily translate into the new design. FlexTrack actually opens up the door to micro-adjustability, so slip your feet in, set your stance to your choosing, and lock in tight! Don't worry if you're not riding with the revolutionary 4D bindings yet. You can still reap the benefits of the FlexTrack since the incredible technology will also accept older binding styles.

Lite 4D Bindings: What could be better than having a new boot featuring LF's 4D Binding System? How about having the response and feel of the 4D System in a binding that is lighter than any other high-performance binding in the market by nearly 10%?! If having less weight to hold your riding down sounds good, then the Lite 4D is for you. The boot's innovative 4D chassis has the smallest footprint in the industry. During development, this quickly became the binding of choice for Bob Soven, not only because it was so lightweight, but because the lower upper cuff design gave him maximum ability to flex and poke out his board. The "All-In-One" construction promotes a tighter fit with better flex. This lightweight, flexible performer features 45° angle attachment points under the rider's feet for better board response and flex within all directions. Honeycomb FlexFloor absorbs impact and reduces overall weight. Comfort liner is designed with the softest foam and offers just enough support for high-level riders who want a flexible boot. Sold as a pair.

Lite 4D Binding Features:
Dual Lace Zones: Allows lace tension to be different in the lower and upper zones so the rider can customize a secure and comfortable fit.

PU Tongue Compression Mold: PU panels displace the lace tension across the foot, eliminating pressure points.

EZ Glide Lace System: Specially designed injection-molded design allows laces to move unrestricted when you're tightening and loosening the lace zones.

TPU Injected Toe Cap: Riveted and glue-less toe cap is stitched to the upper for flexibility and durability and helps prevent toe "stump".

Articulating Upper Cuff: Featured on the pro models to allow maximum range of motion. The upper flexes independently like a hinge without material backing.

40mm M6 4D Binding Screw: Rugged M6 screws ensure maximum hold.

Nylon-Injected Reversible Angle Mount: Locks allow adjustability for stance angles and eliminate heavy metal parts.

45° Angle Attachment: Attachment points underneath the rider's feet increase leverage for better board response and flex in all directions.

Reflex Liner: Liner has less bulk and air gaps for a snug, full-contact fit that's more supportive.

Semi-Rigid Quarter Panels: A more form-fitting quarter panel hugs your foot and increases responsive movements.

4D Binding Chassis: Lightest and smallest footprint in the industry.

Rear Asymmetrical Flex Zones: Welded PU and Lycra create a unique flex zone that promotes an incredible amount of motion.

Bottom Dampening/Anti-Slip TPE Bottom: Displaces hard impacts and keeps the binding from sliding on top of the board.

Honeycomb FlexFloor: Absorbs impact, reduces the binding's weight, and provides performance-driven flex.

Next 135:
Center width: 16.7"
Rocker height: 2.5"
For 80-160 lb. riders

Next 139:
Center width: 17"
Rocker height: 2.6"
For 120-190 lb. riders

Next 143:
Center width: 17.3"
Rocker height: 2.8"
For 150-230 lb. riders