Liquid Force Deluxe Wakeboard With Hook 4D Bindings

ITEM: 312009

Liquid Force Deluxe Wakeboard With Hook 4D Bindings

ITEM: 312009
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    • Wakeboard withstands endless park abuse

    • Three-stage rocker provides incredible pop

    • Grind base and liquid rails increase strength

    • Flex Track lets board flex and twist easily

    The Deluxe from Liquid Force is a board that can withstand the abuse that goes into riding massive wall rides, 20' drops, 60' rails, and the occasional crash on solid wood stairs. It features a triple stringer wood PU core, Liquid rails, and the LF exclusive Grind base that have proven to handle what Kevin Henshaw dishes out. Mix in the Flex Track system for unmatched connection and feel of the board with the Triax glass layup, and you have the perfect flex and strength for any obstacle in your path. The Deluxe board is a bit stiffer in the middle than others, yet softer on the tips and tails for incredible durability and a nice flex when desired. The Deluxe is the board for the ultimate wakeboard playground.

    FlexTrack Technology
    FlexTrack technology from Liquid Force lets your wakeboard's track actually move with you as you twist into carves and press onto rails, ultimately creating maximum response! Nothing you've ridden before can compare to this board-rider connection.

    • Stance Registration: Each letter in the FlexTrack name marks your stance registration.

    • Durability: The most flexible track in the industry is made out of high-quality plastics that ensure a durable fit ride after ride.

    • Molded Microteeth: Provide an ultra tight, non-slip binding-to-board interface giving you supreme micro-adjustability.

    Why Should You Choose FlexTrack?
    This FlexTrack paired with LF's 4D binding is one of the best advances that will help you expand and push the limits on new tricks that may have previously been impossible. You'll be amazed at how deeply you can press any board and then how quickly the flex will rebound back and spring you into action.

    Does Your Old Stance/Old Binding Style Translate?
    Yes, your old stance will easily translate into the new design. FlexTrack actually opens up the door to micro-adjustability, so slip your feet in, set your stance to your choosing, and lock in tight! Don't worry if you're not riding with the revolutionary 4D bindings yet. You can still reap the benefits of the FlexTrack since the incredible technology will also accept older binding styles.

    Grind Base: Get the strongest base possible while maintaining the performance features of each finely tuned hull shape. Liquid Force's Grind base molds to the board's contours and provides solid protection all season long.

    PU Core: This core is compression-molded to the highest standards and has been the lightweight, durable go-to core construction for years. Triple wood stringer lets you handle high-altitude landings with ease.

    Liquid Rails: Rail sidewall technology that provides unmatched durability for rail-riding boards.

    Three-Stage Rocker: Flatter center curve for speed and rail control. This transitions to an exaggerated exit angle through the tip to give a bucking pop off the wake.

    Hook 4D Bindings: The 4D Hook binding is one of the most versatile bindings on the market. The adjustable-length closure system allows you to customize your fit and have more control when you're on the water. Equally as effective at the cable or behind the boat, the 4D Hook boot is designed to absorb shock and reduce impact as you're tearing up the wakes. With its Reflex Walk liner, the Hook is also perfect off the water since it lets you cross any terrain without fear of hot pavement, rocks, or thorns. The innovative boot incorporates Liquid Force's 4D technology with a Honeycomb FlexFloor that provides performance-driven flex and reduces the binding weight, plus the 45° angle attachments that increase leverage for better board response.

    Deluxe 136:
    Center width: 16.8"
    Rocker height: 2.6"
    Stance options: 21.5" - 25.5"
    For 90-180 lb. riders

    Deluxe 140:
    Center width: 17"
    Rocker height: 2.7"
    Stance options: 22.5" - 26.5"
    For 140-210 lb. riders

    Deluxe 144:
    Center width: 17.1"
    Rocker height: 2.8"
    Stance options: 23" - 27"
    For 160-230 lb. riders