Liquid Force Dart Wakesurfer

ITEM: 351817

Liquid Force Dart Wakesurfer

ITEM: 351817
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  • Fast, loose, and lightweight wakesurfer

  • Wider tail and more nose rocker increase glide

  • EPS construction with reinforced carbon stringers

  • Comes with 5 fins for multiple riding options

If you're looking for a fast, loose, and lightweight wakesurfer, the Liquid Force Dart is just the ride for you! The Dart board comes with a wider tail, slightly lower tail rocker, and increased nose rocker, making it much faster with more glide than previous models. In addition, these changes make it easier to turn with less hangups at the nose. With a lightweight EPS construction that is topped with reinforced deck and carbon stringers, this wakesurf board is built to perform and built to last. Single concave hull softens landings. Deck pad includes molded kick stop and arch bar. Comes with 2 large side fins, 2 Stubbie 2.0s, and 1 center fin so you can create multiple riding options.

Dart 310:
Length: 46"
Width: 19.5"
Rocker Height: 2.9" Tip / 0.9" Tail
Volume: 13.0 liters
For riders up to 130 lbs.

Dart 44:
Length: 52.4"
Width: 21"
Rocker Height: 3.1" Tip / 0.9" Tail
Volume: 18.6 liters
For riders up to 180 lbs.

Dart 48:
Length: 56.4"
Width: 21.5"
Rocker Height: 3.3" Tip / 1.0" Tail
Volume: 24.1 liters
For riders 150-200 lbs.

Dart 48:
Length: 63.5"
Width: 22"
Rocker Height: 3.8" Tip / 1.2" Tail
Volume: 29.6 liters
For riders 190-250+ lbs.