Guardian G-11 Utility Anchor

ITEM: 322955

Guardian G-11 Utility Anchor

ITEM: 322955
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Compare at $119.99
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  • Made from aluminum alloy

  • As strong as steel but half the weight

  • Can be disassembled

  • Easy to manage and easy to store

  • Rustproof

Guardian Utility Anchors are precision-machined from an aluminum alloy that is as strong as steel, but only half the weight. This rustproof design is an affordable alternative to heavier steel anchors. Excellent for use as a spare or during storms, these lightweight anchors are easy to manage. Can be disassembled. Easy to store.

Guardian G-11 Anchor
• Boat Length: 23'-27'
• Weight: 6 lbs.
• Replaces: 10-13 lb. Steel Fluke Anchors

Holding Power
• 32° Hard Sand: 2,250 lbs.
• 32° Soft Mud: 450 lbs.

NOTE: Anchor size recommendations are for boats of average windage and proportions, 30 knots of wind, average bottom conditions, and moderate protection from open seas. For storm conditions, use an anchor one or two sizes larger.

Hardware Recommendation: Use 3-strand nylon rope and a minimum of 6' of chain for every 25' of water depth. Be sure to use enough chain and rope for a minimum 5:1 scope.

Model # G-11
Boat Length 23'-27'
Anchor Weight 6 lbs.
Shank Length 25"
Stock Width 20"
Fluke Length 15"