Boat Cover Selector Tool Let Us Help You Find The Right Cover
Boat Cover Selector Tool
Let Us Help You Find The Right Cover

Cover Support Starting At $8.99

Cover Support Starting At $8.99
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Best Selling Shades & Enclosures
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Covermate Semi Custom Covers Starting at $121.99
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Fun in the sun is made in the shade.

Sure, being under the sun while on the water is one of the many perks on a long list of boating benefits. However, being under the sun for too long or not having any shade to retreat into could easily turn that perk into a problem. Solution? Get a Bimini top for your boat. By installing a Bimini top, your boat instantly has shade where needed allowing you and everyone else onboard to alternate their time in the sun with time under a Bimini cover. Need help finding the perfect Bimini top or boat canopy for your particular boat? Use our Bimini Top Selector Tool. It takes all the guesswork out of the process.

When it comes to your boat, topless is a risky choice.

For many, boating encompasses the warmer temperatures and the mist of water off the wake, but as any boat owner knows, boating isn t limited to a specific season. The responsibilities of boat ownership change with the seasons and once the temperatures start to dip and the outings start to limit themselves, storage becomes the primary topic of conversation. Protect your boat with our full selection of custom and semi-custom covers, pontoon boat covers, and universal boat covers. Don t let the winter threaten or delay your next adventure when boating season rolls in, properly cover and store your boat when necessary. Find the best cover for your boat using our helpful Boat Cover Selector Tool. Cover up! You ll be glad you did.

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