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    Located in the US Pacific Northwest and nestled at the foot of 3 world-famous volcanoes, Aquaglide World Headquarters makes its home at the heart of the scenic Columbia River Gorge. With surging whitewater, placid coves, and seemingly endless waterways within close reach, it's no accident that Aquaglide chose this area as home base. The people behind Aquaglide have been developing products and sharing their passion for the water since 1995. What began as the answer to a common need has evolved into a global brand with fiercely loyal customers and over 120 innovative products. The common thread and driving force behind each of these products is an unquenchable thirst for fun on the water.



    At Aquaglide, the fun begins with innovations in product design. By listening to inspiring feedback from valued customers, Aquaglide is motivated to build products that inspire creative play. Aquaglide is dedicated to achieving better solutions resulting in products that exceed the expectations of their loyal following.


    Duratex is the best quality material for commercial AquaparksAquaglide Aquaparks . Aquaglide works with a materials factory to develop their own exclusive formula. The Aquaglide fabric is a reinforced PVC that has better elasticity and superior adhesion which insures the best quality construction and reliability. Aquaglide is also the only brand to integrate technologically advanced Hardbottom (HB) material with high-pressure capability for use in areas where extreme durability is required.


    Seams are generally the weak point in construction. That’s why Aquaglide seams are double-welded with three layers of reinforcement for maximum strength. All handles, D-rings, and anchor plates are also welded, not glued. All metal parts are made using #316 marine-grade stainless steel. The superior Aquaglide construction is evident in every product they make.


    Aquaglide stands behind their products, guaranteed. Aquaglide products are not only built better, they are also backed by a 3-year limited warranty against any defect in material or workmanship.


    Every Aquaglide product is submitted to extensive lab and field-testing to ensure that it meets and exceeds the most rigorous product safety standards. Aquaglide products are third-party certified compliant with CPSIA and EN 15649, the highest possible standards in the business.


    Aquaglide doesn't just build products; Aquaglide builds trust. Aquaglide does business by forming long-term partnerships with everyone from designers to material suppliers, from craftsmen to distributors, and most importantly with the customer. When you make the decision to purchase an Aquaglide product you can trust that you will receive a safe, high-quality product and the highest level of service available, guaranteed.


    With over 30 years of water sports experience, Aquaglide prides itself on being an innovator and pioneer of quality inflatable water play products. Aquaglide understands the importance of leisure time and strives to build products so that all you have to worry about is having fun. With innovative product designs and attention to the highest standards, Aquaglide creates better solutions for fun on the water. The Sport lineup of Aquaglide products includes performance Aquaglide Towable Tubes and water toys full of action like water TrampolinesAquaglide Trampolines and Platinum BouncersAquaglide Platinum Bouncers. At the end of the day, Aquaglide is dedicated to helping customers find their next adventure on the water.


    The Aquaglide brand leads the industry in several major categories including commercial-grade watersports products. With creations like the Aquaglide Challenge TrackAquaglide Challenge Track and Platinum Water Parks, Aquaglide systems can be built into extendable, predetermined water parks or something unique to your needs. Modular pieces like the Aquaglide Jungle JimAquaglide Jungle Jim and Jungle JoeAquaglide Jungle Joe can be assembled into various water park configurations or used as standalone play products.

    All pieces are intended for long-term and heavy-duty use; they're built tough to meet the heavy demands of camp, resort, and commercial use, yet also suitable for residential purposes. Aquaglide designs are carefully vetted and refined based on feedback. Each product is engineered to meet the highest standards in quality and product safety, but no product is complete without extensive on-water testing to confirm that it provides, among other things, maximum fun.


    Aquaglide KayaksAquaglide Kayaks and SUPsAquaglide SUPs have changed the way people think about inflatables. By combining thoughtful, purpose-built designs with exciting new technologies, Aquaglide has created a new breed of watercraft never before possible – performance inflatables. Perfect for easy packing on your next trip, the Aquaglide lineup of inflatable paddle boards includes the Cascade Stand-Up Paddle BoardAquaglide Cascade Stand-Up Paddle Board , while the popular Impulse Stand-Up Paddle BoardAquaglide Impulse Stand-Up Paddle Board is a fiberglass SUP that's great for all-around use. Inflatable Chinook KayaksAquaglide Chinook Kayaks and Rogue KayaksAquaglide Rogue Kayaks are ideal for exploring new waters. These innovative boats and boards are designed to fit perfectly with your lifestyle and inspire the confidence to pursue your next adventure, wherever that may lead.