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Climb aboard!
With our full selection of dock ladders, boarding your boat has never been easier. Access your boat or dock with options from Dockmate, Dock Edge, EEz-In, International Dock Products, and more. Whether you’re interested in a folding pontoon ladder, a telescoping pontoon ladders, or a dock ladder for floating and stationary docks, Overton’s has it. They say the biggest obstacle when beginning a new adventure is often the first step. Climb up and over that obstacle and begin your next adventure now.

Up and over, we offer more than dock ladders.
While dock ladders are an important part of outfitting any dock, there are more types to consider to ensure access is easy and efficient regardless of the make or model of your boat. Swim platform or boarding ladder? Yes, please. Maybe you’re in need of a hook ladder or replacement brackets and mounts for an existing ladder? No worries. We have options to make your boat and dock accessible year round. Choose the swim platform or ladder you like best and we’ll have it delivered as soon as possible.

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