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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size paddle board will work best for me?
A: The correct SUP for any given paddler is determined by a combination of the paddler's weight and skill level, as well as the primary intended use of the board and your local water conditions. We recommend contacting Overton's at 1-800-334-6541 and asking to speak with one of our product specialists.

Q: What should I wear when using my stand-up paddle board?
A: If you are paddling in a warmer climate, t-shirts, board shorts, swimsuits, tank tops, etc…are all proper articles of clothing. You will always want to wear something that can get wet and allows you to move freely. If you are paddling in a colder climate, we recommend wearing a wet/dry suit, especially in areas where hypothermia could become an issue. Always, always, always wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). Check with your state and local laws, as most require the paddler and anyone else on board to wear a PFD.

Q: Where is the best place to stand on the board when paddling?
A: You will want to center yourself on the board as best as possible. Your goal is to not have the front nose or tip of the board sticking out of the water too much, and you don't want your tail to drag or dig in the water. There should be a good, even balance to the board, which will result in a better glide.

Q: Can the fins on my board be removed?
A: Yes, fins can be removed if you are planning to travel or store the board, but you will want to put them back on when you are ready to use the SUP again. Your paddle board fins help guide you through the water and allow you to gain much more control of the board than without them.

Q: How do I transport my stand-up paddle board on my car?
A: Your best option for transporting your SUP is securing it to a roof rack. Overton's offers rack pad kits to attach to your rack bars. When traveling, make sure your fins (if not removed) are facing up when the board is secured to the vehicle.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Try paddle boarding for the first time, and you’ll be hooked on the fun you can have on a stand up paddle board. You can take your SUP to the lake, ride your paddle board on the river, surf your stand up paddle board on breaking waves, and glide along the coast line on your paddle board. SUP also provides a great full body workout making paddle boarding popular for cross training. So whether paddling for exercise, for fun, or for adventure, the great new world of stand up paddle boards is waiting for your introduction.

If you’re new to paddle boarding, Overton’s is a great place to start. We have a variety of stand up paddle boards and paddles for both beginners and seasoned users from great companies like Amundson, Aquaglide, Connelly, Rave, Slingshot Sports, and more. Our SUP paddles range from entry-level aluminum paddles to carbon-fiber and carbon paddles designed for long distance paddle boarding or competitive SUP.

Some other gear to consider when preparing to paddle board includes life jackets, clothing that offers sun protection, sunglasses or goggles for eye protection, and a car top carrier to get your stand up paddle board to the water. Overton’s also offers a variety of wetsuits, life jackets, swimwear, and other accessories to enhance your paddle board ride. We have paddle board carriers and leashes, anchor kits and cargo nets, as well as paddle board stabilizers from Airhead that work like training wheels for your SUP.

So what are you waiting for? This year is the perfect time to get started in the wonderful sport of paddle boarding. Hit the water with your family and friends and experience SUP for yourself. Your paddle boarding adventure is waiting.