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New Gander Product  Zoom Super Chunk, 3-1/2", 5-Pk.

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  • Chunk-style trailer with flapping crawfish claws

  • Wild, pumping action on a flipping or casting jig

  • Swims methodically on a swim jig

  • Salty scent draws bass in close for a bite

Product Summary 

The versatile Zoom Super Chunk combines the bulk of a traditional chunk-style jig trailer with the flapping claws of a crawfish imitator. Great for bass who want a high-calorie meal and aren't afraid of action, this jig trailer features hard-pumping, flapping claws that raise up in the defensive position of a crawfish when threaded on the back of a flipping or casting jig. On the back of a swim jig, it swims along methodically, sending out vibrations far and wide to bass looking for a hearty and easy meal. Once the bass sense the vibrations, the salty scent draws them closer to take a bite.

Type of Lure Trailer
Length 3-1/2"
Quantity 5-Pk.