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New Gander Product  ZMan ChatterFrog

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  • EZ Skirt creates an enticing side-to-side motion

  • Crankbait action, jig profile, spinnerbait flash

  • Pulses and vibration can be felt through the rod

  • Naturally weed-free design for fishing heavy cover

  • Includes two ElaZtech TrailerZ

Product Summary 

Designed with a unique hex-shaped ChatterBlade, the ChatterFrog offers unparalleled sound, vibration, and action. Each lure is equipped with a fast-change EZ Skirt that creates a tantalizing side-to-side motion, making it look like an easy mark for predator species. This lure has it all�the action of a crankbait, the profile of a jig, the flash of a spinnerbait! Every vibration caused by the lure�s action is felt in the rod handle, allowing you to keep tabs on the position, speed, and track of your lure. These pulses also alert you of strikes. With its naturally weed-free design, the ChatterFrog works through the muck without the need for a protruding weedguard. Each ChatterFrog includes two ElaZtech TrailerZ�one Web-foot and one Paddle-foot. Weighs 3/8 oz.

Weight (oz.) 3/8
Hook Single
Blade Hex-Shaped ChatterBlade
Quantity See Description