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New Gander Product  Smithwick Devil's Horse AF1 Topwater Bait, 4-1/2"

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  • Classic, handcrafted wood design

  • Surface-churning propellers cause commotion

  • Fishes best with a stop-and-go ripping motion

  • Modify blades to fine-tune action

  • Three sharp treble hooks included

Product Summary 

A must-have for anglers who love intense topwater action, the Devil's Horse features a classic, handcrafted wood design, making it one of the best all-time topwater prop baits on the market. Its buoyant wood body, combined with two carefully balanced, surface-churning propellers, duplicates the unique commotion of fleeing shad to produce aggressive strikes from surface-feeding fish. Propellers are located on the front and back to cause commotion on the surface. Bend the blades forward or backward, and you can modify the bait to be more or less disruptive, depending on the water conditions. Fish it with a stop-and-go ripping motion to churn the water and create an attention-grabbing noise disturbance.

Model AF100
Length (in.) 4-1/2
Weight (oz.) 3/8
Hook #5 Treble, 3
Quantity 1