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SeaLand 962 Portable Toilet Bonus Pack

Item # 80536
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  • Includes 2 rolls of double-ply toilet paper

  • One 8-oz. bottle of tank deodorant

  • 2.5 gal. waste tank

  • 2.6 gal. freshwater tank

Product Summary 

This completely self-contained portable toilet is lightweight, robust, and easy to use. Simply push the pump to flush. Side latches separate upper and lower tanks for easy disposal. Features 2.6 gal. freshwater tank, adult-size seat, impact-resistant polyethylene construction, and scratch-resistant matte finish. 2.5 gal. waste tank capacity. The Bonus Pack includes two rolls of double-ply toilet paper and one 8-oz. bottle of SeaLand Natural Liquid Holding Tank Deodorant. 12"H X 16-1/2"L X 14-1/2"W.