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Rapala Pliers/Forceps/Scale/Clipper Combo Pack

Item # 747493
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  • 6.5" Fisherman's Pliers

  • 5.5" Fishing Forceps

  • 25-lb. Scale

  • Rapala Line Clipper

  • Built-in Jig Buster and Hook File

Product Summary 

The Rapala Combo Pack features a variety of extremely useful angling tools in a convenient sheath that hangs around your neck. The set includes a 6.5" Fisherman's Pliers, a 5.5" Fishing Forceps, a 25-lb. Scale, and a Rapala Line Clipper with built-in Jig Buster and Hook File. The clipper is secured to a large split ring that's attached to a handy lanyard for convenient transport.

Color Black/Gray
Size 6.5" L (Pliers)
Dimensions 5.5" (Forceps)