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  • Puralytic SolarBag Water Purifier, 115800

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    • Purifies water and destroys viruses, and bacteria

    • Meets EPA standards

    • Transports, stores, and purifies all in one

    • Uses Sunlight to purify water, free of chemicals

    • Great for camping, travel, survival kits, and etc.

    Product Summary 

    Puralytic SolarBag Water Purifier, 115800

    The Puralytic Solar Bag incorporates a 5 photochemical process that works synergistically to purify and destroy viruses, cysts, and bacteria from water using only the power of the sun. The lightweight Puralytic Solar Bag transports, stores, and purifies all in one, and has a backpack with handles that makes it easy to transport to and from an available water source. Once the bag is filled with any water through the inlet debris filter, the bag is placed in the direct sunlight, laying flat or hung from a tree or post, allowing it to be free of chemicals. Once purified, the Solar Bag can be dispensed by a valve into a canteen or pot as required. The Puralytics Solar Bag delivers clean drinking water that meets the World Health Organization (WHO) and EPA standards in remote areas. Great for camping, travel, survival kits, and etc. Weighs only 4-ounces. Capacity: 3-liters.

    Photocatalytic Oxidation: Previously unobtainable, selected wavelengths of UV light generate unprecedented levels of hydroxyl radicals without any chemical additives.
    Photocatalytic Reduction: Reduces toxic species such as mercury, silver , arsenic, and chromium to more readily adsorbed materials.
    Photolysis: Direct disassociation of contaminants by high intensity UV light, including atrazine, amoxicillin, DEET, and all estrogenic chemicals.
    Photoadsorption: The catalyst strongly adsorbs heavy metals including mercury, lead, selenium, and arsenic, permanganate, and other compounds.
    Photo Disinfection: Multiple wavelengths and high intensity UV disinfect pathogens more effectively than standard UV germicidal.

    Capacity 3 liters