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New Gander Product  Northland Reed-Runner Tandem Spinnerbait, 1/2 oz.

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  • Virtually weedless for fishing around heavy cover

  • Molded-in tangle-proof Eagle-Claw Lazer-Sharp hook

  • Swim'n Skirt features 80 soft strands that pulsate

  • Willowleaf spinner blades create flash and clatter

Product Summary 

Ideal for targeting big bass, northern pike, and muskie, this premium spinnerbait is guaranteed to trigger strikes from even the most lethargic, inactive gamefish. Virtually weedless, the Reed-Runner is extremely effective in, over, around, and through heavy cover. Molded with a tangle-proof "R" bend, Eagle-Claw Lazer-Sharp hook and Worth ball bearing swivel. Its Super Pro Limber-Legs Baitfish-Image Swim'n Skirt features 80 soft, supple strands that seductively pulsate to mimic a wounded baitfish. Throbbing high-lift, willowleaf spinner blades create plenty of flash and clatter to provoke aggressive strikes from even the most wary fish.

When fishing thick cover, always cast a short distance beyond your target and work the lure past it. Try to "bump" the lure against underwater timber, weeds, brush or stumps to give it an erratic action. This sudden change in the lure's direction and speed will often trigger strikes. When "buzzing" a spinnerbait in shallow water, start your retrieve as soon as the lure hits the water to create a bulge and wake on the surface.

Model RRTW6C, Tandem Spinnerbait
Weight (oz.) 1/2
Hook Eagle-Claw Lazer Sharp
Blade Willowleaf
Quantity 1