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New Gander Product  Mann's C4 Elite Series Crankbait, 3"

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  • Great for crashing through brush

  • Big and wide-bodied to cover a lot of water

  • Square-lip design moves well through heavy cover

  • Moves with an incredible wobble and vibration

Product Summary 

The Mann's C4 Elite Series is a large, power crankbait that's great for crashing through brush or off a shallow structure to provoke strikes from big bass. Big and wide-bodied, it covers lots of water and dives to about 4'. The C4's square-lip design allows you to crank it through areas that you would normally avoid. Moves with an incredible wobble and vibration. Attention-grabbing red hooks, lifelike 3-D eyes, and a textured body give this lure a visual appeal like no other.

Type of Lure Crankbait
Length 3"
Weight 3/8-oz.
Hook Type Treble
Running Depth 4'
Quantity 1