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  • Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard, Blank

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    • Three stage hybrid rocker

    • Double-inside-single-concave hull

    • Variable edge rail

    • Molded-in canted long-base side fins

    Product Summary 

    Perfect for that girl pushing it, never letting up, always progressing and advancing. The Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard has a 3-stage hybrid rocker that's increased ollie pop to get you where you need to go. From a variable edge rail to it's molded-in long-base side fins, the Jett Wakeboard was built for success. Jett 132: 52.2" x 16.5". For 70-150 lb. riders. Jett 136: 53.9" x 16.8". For 100-180 lb. riders.

    Three Stage Hybrid Rocker
    Center curve is designed straighter for consistent edging speed into the wake, corner, or rail. Exaggerated kink out through the tips. Smooth transitions in the tail section for increased ollie power.

    D-I-S-C Hull through the Center
    Double-Inside-Single-Concave. Softens landings and maintains board speed.

    Variable Edge Rail
    Rounded rail in the center for a forgiving feel; sharp rail at the tail for edge control and response.

    Winged Rail Shape
    Side slots for extra bite in the flats and quicker release off the wake.

    Double Concave V-Tail
    Controls water flow through the ends for extra thrust and lift.

    Molded-In, Canted, Long-Base Side Fins
    The large inside face of these fins allows for unbelievable hold, while the low outside profile keeps hang ups at a minimum.