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Inflatable Vinyl Buoys / Fenders

$29.99 - $149.99

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ItemRatingDiameterCircumferenceLine HoleApprox. BuoyancyPriceQty
10"31.5"1-1/16"14 lbs.$29.99
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12"36.0"1-1/16"33 lbs.$34.99
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15"48.5"1-1/2"65 lbs. $44.99
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18"58.5"1-1/2"112 lbs.$59.99
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21"68.0"1-1/2"180 lbs. $89.99
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27"86.4"1-1/2"375 lbs.$149.99
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  • Ideal for use by commercial fishermen

  • Excellent for use as fenders on larger boats

  • Strong rope eye is ideal for use with shackles

  • Superior valve design easy inflation and deflation

  • Highest quality marine-grade vinyl

Product Summary 

Experience the new standard in rotational-molded buoys that exceeds the rigorous demands of the commercial marine industry.

These buoys are ideal for use by commercial fishermen and as fenders by pleasure craft owners. Manufactured from the highest quality marine-grade vinyl, these buoys have an improved single valve system for easy inflation and the prevention of leaks. The valve is conveniently located in the rope eye for increased durability. Heavy-duty molded rope eyes feature a large radius, combining strength and stability with less wear and tear, even if you're using shackles.