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  • Hyperlite Socialite Wakeboard, Blank

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    • High-end flex board for women

    • Thin profile creates maximum response

    • Solid feel on rails

    • Edge channels offer perfect hold while cutting

    Product Summary 

    The Socialite is Hyperlite's high-end flex board for women that gives all the girls at the park a top spec board for any obstacle. With design help from Courtney Angus, the board begins with its proven Crossover Core and 360° ABS Sidewall and takes a softer feel to the next level. This board features Hyperlite's thinnest profile, which creates maximum response and board control when pressed on features. The Socialite also utilizes a base surface with no tip or tail contours for a solid feel on rails. The subtle edge channels offer the perfect hold while cutting, but are shallow enough not to disrupt the feel of the board.

    Satin Flex: Tailored specifically to a female rider's needs. A softer glass layup to create a softer flex and a board built to female rider standards.

    Sintered Enduro Base: The Sintered Enduro formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between particles, making the finished product nearly indestructible. This base option is the perfect choice for the cable park season pass holder.

    Tri-Ax Glass: This glass features a configuration of fibers running in three directions to allow for maximum durability while still allowing the board to flex.

    ABS Sidewall: Building a stronger board through impact protection is the goal behind ABS sidewall construction. They help you tackle any obstacle in the park without the fear of an edge delams.

    Socialite 135
    • Length: 53.1"
    • Width: 16.8"
    • Total Surface Area: 788"
    • Tip/Tail Width: 11.1"
    • Rocker Height: 2.4"
    • Fin Type (Qty.): 0.75" Feature (4)
    • Stance Options: 21" - 25"
    • Rider Weight: 140+ lbs.
    • Hole Pattern Offset: 6"

    Socialite 139
    • Length: 54.7"
    • Width: 17.0"
    • Total Surface Area: 825"
    • Tip/Tail Width: 11.2"
    • Rocker Height: 2.6"
    • Fin Type (Qty.): 0.75" Feature (4)
    • Stance Options: 22" - 26"
    • Rider Weight: 160+ lbs.
    • Hole Pattern Offset: 6"