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New Gander Product  Booyah Bed Bug Jig, 7/16 oz.

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  • Hand-tied, round rubber-and-silicone skirt

  • Hard-coat paint finish for unmatched durability

  • Molded and painted eyes for tremendous realism

  • Equipped with an Xcalibur TX3 light-wire hook

Product Summary 

Armed with an Xcalibur TX3 light-wire hook, the Bed Bug Jig is designed to penetrate a fish's lip, even when conditions call for lighter line and moderate hooksets. Its hand-tied skirt features a combination of Bio-Flex silicone and 60 fine round rubber strands for seductive undulation and dynamite color combinations. Round-headed jig features a hard-coat paint finish for unmatched durability. Molded and painted eyes add tremendous realism and create a focal point for attacking fish.

Model BYZ36
Size 3/16 oz.
Hook 3/0 Xcalibur TX3
Quantity 1