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Blue Rhino SkeeterVac 3100 Mosquito Trap

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  • Effective for areas up to 1 acre

  • 6 powerful attractants including carbon dioxide

  • Easy to use and maintain

  • Affects mosquitos, flies, and midges

  • Uses clean-burning propane fual

Product Summary 

Reduce the mosquito nuisance and enjoy your backyard activities more than ever with the SkeeterVac 3100 Mosquito Trap. The SkeeterVac works by converting clean-burning propane into carbon dioxide, proven to be the most powerful mosquito attractant available. Operation is quiet and odorless. The FineTune baiting system enhances the attracting power of the CO2 through the use of additional attractant lures, moisture, heat, light, and visual contrast.

This easy to assemble trap is easy to use and is effective for areas up to 1 acre, 24 hours a day. Simply place the assembled SkeeterVac in a shady spot close to the area where the insects live for effective mosquito extermination. The SkeeterVac attracts and kills not only mosquitoes, but also black flies, sand flies, and biting midges. With the SkeeterVac in operation for just 4-6 weeks, you'll notice a significant reduction in nuisance as egg laden females are removed from the environment.

Maintenance takes only minutes. When the propane tank is empty you simply change it out, replace the sticky trap, and empty the vacuum trap. For maximum performance, replace the lure every 60 days. The SkeeterVac easily uses multiple brands of lures. Dimensions: 12.1"L x 25"W x 19.2"H. Weight: 18.7 lbs.