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  • Aquaglide Platinum SuperTramp Trampoline, 14' dia. x 32"H

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    • 14' Diameter

    • 10' Jump Surface

    • 4' X 4' Boarding Platform

    • Lifetime Warranty

    Product Summary 

    Supertramps are designed for superior bouncing performance and years of trouble-free service. Trampoline performance is all about focusing a jumper's energy, so a rigid, powerful frame is the only option for serious bouncing. This is why each Supertramp incorporates a rigid steel Octane frame. Built tough to withstand the demands of long-term use, Supertramps are made using hot-air welded 28-oz. 1000D fabric-reinforced PVC, double-dip galvanized steel frames, and powder-coated springs. Comes with 48"L x 48"W Swimstep Boarding Platform, anchor bridle, and multiple attachment points for adding your choice of accessories.

    14'W x 32"H. 10' jump surface. Lifetime warranty.

    • Octane
    Eight-sided for superior bounce and greater jump surface.
    All Aquaglide Platinum trampolines are eight-sided for superior bounce and greater jump surface. Eight-sided Octane trampolines allow a much larger 'sweet spot' because the springs pull in different ways. While some springs pull directly to the center, others create an overlapping web of Octane power. This overlap means that jumpers are far more likely to land in the sweet spot, producing a vastly superior bounce. Round trampolines pull only to the center of the jump mat, so landing even slightly off-center is like hitting a golf ball with the side of the club - not very effective.

    • Duratex
    Commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material.
    Ideally suited for watersports, Duratex material is the finest commercial-grade reinforced PVC available. Each Aquaglide Platinum item uses Duratex material for maximum strength and durability.

    • UV Block
    Materials specially treated for high resistance to the sun's damaging rays.
    UV damage is typically the biggest culprit in shortening the life of commercial watersports products. Consequently, each Aquaglide Platinum item is treated with UV Block, the highest-grade 3-year UV coating available. While we recommend periodic maintenance with additional UV coatings, there is no substitute for having UV Block incorporated into the material right from the start.

    • HA Weld
    Hot air-welded seams for high quality and outstanding durability.
    'HA' or Hot Air Welding is the process used to fuse DuraTex material seams for years of trouble-free use. HA welding produces clean, strong seams with no unsightly glue marks or splits.

    • Interloc
    Heavy-duty stainless fittings and convenient Interloc straps for modular use.
    Aquaglide Platinum items connect to one another using the Interloc system. Soft webbing offers some flexibility, while remaining tough enough for years of service. Only Interloc blends the convenience of a cinch with the security of a locking connection.

    • HD Grip
    Incorporates heavy-duty molded handles for convenient boarding and/or transport.

    • UP Grip
    Incorporates convenient boarding handles that fold flat.
    Convenient climbing handles allow for boarding and/or climbing and stay out of the way for other activities.

    • Lifetime Warranty
    Each SuperTramp offers a lifetime warranty covering any and all manufacturing defects for recreational use.

    • SwimStep
    Includes convenient SwimStep access platform for easy boarding.
    More than just a convenient way to board, the SwimStep access platform is the start of your Platinum aquapark. The SwimStep adds living space to each Platinum item! Incorporates heavy-duty molded boarding handles and connects to Aquaglide Platinum items using Interloc system.

    Dimensions 14' dia. x 32"H with 10' jump surface