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Northland Gum-Ball Jigs

Key Features

  • Molded-in Matzuo Needle-Point hook

  • Can be dressed with live bait or plastic trailers

  • Single-eyed jig imitates an injured baitfish

  • Barbed bait collar securely holds live bait

  • Durable pearlescent urethane finish

Our Price   $3.99 - $5.99
Sale Price  $2.96 - $4.96
  • Please note: This item can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.
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RH1, Ball-Head Jig1/32 oz.#6 Matzuo Needle-Point12$3.99
In Stock
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RH2, Ball-Head Jig1/16 oz.#4 Matzuo Needle-Point12$3.99
In Stock
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RH7, Ball-Head Jig3/4 oz.#4/0 Matzuo Needle-Point3$5.99
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Product Description
northland_fishing_tackle The Gum-Ball Jig is the most reliable, versatile artificial lure on the market today! Its molded-in Matzuo Needle-Point hook, which protrudes from the weighted metal "ball head", can be dressed with live bait or plastic trailers. This single-eyed jig imitates a darting, injured baitfish to convince and attract even the most reluctant fish. Features a specially designed, barbed bait-collar to securely hold live bait and soft plastic trailers on the hook! Gum-Ball jigs feature a durable pearlescent urethane finish.